Precedent Energy provides 24-hour and prompts services including: after-sales service and engineering service.

1. After-sales services

Service scope: equipment rental and technical support, equipment installation and debugging on site, equipment maintenance.

Service products: wellhead and Christmas tree, casing head, wellhead and well completion, gate and choke valve, choke and kill system, wellhead safety system.

Our company equipped with professional service vehicles and special tools. The service team composed of experienced oil field service engineers.

Precedent Energy’s prompt response to queries and customer satisfaction by providing quality products and after-sales services are our goals. Please contact us if you have any after-sales services requirement.

2. Engineering service

Service Scope: Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Service

Service Introduction: Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) is an adaptive drilling process used to precisely control the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore. The objectives of MPD are to ascertain the downhole pressure environment limits and to manage the annular hydraulic pressure profile accordingly. The advantages of MPD are solving the problem of narrow pressure margins, improving wellbore quality by minimizing wellbore collapse, reducing the differential pressure and sticking, improving ROP (Rate of Penetration) and reducing drilling time etc.

Precedent Energy provides a total solution of MPD software and MPD equipment. The choke valves of MPD manifolds are key part of MPD hardware. The choke valve equipped on Precedent Energy’s MPD manifold with linear CV value and through capability is the only one which can precisely control the annular pressure. In addition, Precedent Energy has developed the MPD auto-choke software in cooperation with American and Chinese experts which can meet the requirements of Managed Pressure Drilling.